15 Degree Increase Using Geothermal Heat Is Making Long Winters in the Northeast Warmer

Renewable energy researchers around the world are happy.  They know about the success of alternative and renewable energy including geothermal.  New geothermal heat pump systems are making headway. They are in parts of the United States that experience months of cold temperatures. There are many names for these systems. Geo-exchange, ground source, water source, heat pumps, earth-coupled heat pumps, heat pump ground source or ground coupled heat pumps. These geothermal produced systems are a tremendous renewable and alternative energy source. They are popular in the northeastern part of the United States. That is where outdoor temperatures can be below zero (F) for many days at a time.

Geothermal systems work well.  They work just below the surface of the earth. That is where temperatures are at a consistent 55 degrees (F) to 60 degrees (F). Geothermal heat pumps create heat. This heat goes to homes and other types of structures. The pump continues to circulate the radiant heat that is underground. A closed water loop takes the heated water that is under the ground to a building. That is where the air meets with a compressor or as it is also called – a heated water exchanger. That causes the air to become heated another ten to 15 degrees (F) higher. Only a small amount of power is necessary to run the compressor.

The heat will circulate in a home or building by the existing system.  No fossil fuels required. There is a need for a small amount of electricity for the compressor to run. These types of renewable energy systems can pay for themselves in just a few short years. There are also state incentives.  They can work for these areas of the country to save money on the cost of buying and installing them.

These new and cost saving energy resources are making a tremendous improvement. They help use the renewable and alternative energy concepts that are evolving. Soon they will be the main stay sources of energy across the globe. Researchers are working on them around the world. They want to make the leap that is inevitable for us to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels.

Homeowners need to have an analysis of their homes. This will help them determine if renewable energy such as solar power systems would work. This is for those of you living in warm climates. Both heat and cooling systems are expensive and use way too much fossil fuel to run.

geothermal heat

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