2 Layers Of Transparent Solar Film Saving Money On Energy

There is great news coming out of UCLA’s School of Engineering and Applied Science. Researchers have developed a solar cell that has two layers and is in the form of film. It is a transparent solar film that is for windows, sunroofs and even on smartphone displays. Because it is transparent, the user can still see through it. It goes on everything from different modes of transportation to structures and computer devices. This transparent solar film goes by TOPV or a transparent organic photovoltaic device. It consists of two layers. It absorbs more light from the sun’s spectrum than single layered solar cells. The conversion or efficiency rate of these cells is tremendous. It is double that of other tandem photovoltaic structures.

With its power generating material and the film-like polymer, these new cells are flexible. They also come in light gray, green, or brown, and they can blend in well with buildings and other surfaces. These new two-layered cells use low temperatures to make so they easier to make and cheaper. That is a plus in the energy world today. Any form of energy that is cheaper than carbon based fuel, is a positive step for the use of solar energy.

Many high rises today have sound energy plans. Transparent solar film can works well on them.  It is on the coatings of buildings, windows and light fixtures produce electricity. This allows for the use of clean, renewable and inexpensive electricity.  That electricity doesn’t come from fossil fuel. There are fewer carbon footprints left after this energy use is in place.

Another positive aspect of this new device is that it has two layers. Two cells absorb more light than single layers and as a result create more energy. It’s also the reason that twice as much energy come out of the cells. Some day windows for homes will use this technology. It allows for flexible solar installations on various parts of the house.

This transparent solar film comes from polymer photoactive plastic. The polymer material helps to make the cells infrared sensitive. This means that it helps to absorb eighty percent of infrared light and a small amount of visible light. Using windows to create electricity is not a new concept. But, using this transparent organic photovoltaic film will allow for greater opportunities.

Transparent solar film

Transparent solar film


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