A World of Solar Energy

If you can imagine a world of solar energy as the major source of electricity, we would be living with much different aspects of our lives regarding the quality of important basics. Our air would be cleaner if we drove cars that had the ability to use solar energy instead of gasoline that spews forth loads of carbon dioxide that we inhale and eat along with all things that are grown. Our bank accounts would reflect the savings we would have due to not having to spend money on gasoline and other fossil based fuel. Our homes and businesses would have air that comes from clean energy sources and our inner city children would not be as deeply affected by air that contains pollutants such as soot and the bi-products of oil and coal. Their young minds would not be affected by these chemicals and their lungs wouldn’t be as subject to asthma.

A world of solar energy would be so beneficial to nations that are becoming more developed and are in need of easily transported and healthy sources of energy. Their lights could be turned on at factories, places of education, hospitals, and their homes. There would be an increase of jobs while their air is no longer clouded with the dust and soot of pollution from burning coal and wood. They would not have to rely on dirt roads to bring trucks filled with oil because solar energy doesn’t need to be transported in that way.

Food sources would not be taken away from growing populations as it is now if we had a world of solar energy. Today with the dependency that we have on coal and oil, we are losing our rivers, streams, lakes, oceans and seas to debris and acidification from all of the carbon dioxide that is pumped into our atmosphere. Sea life is dying and along with that is a major part of the food chain that has always been basis of nourishment to the billions of people that depend on the waterways for the ability to eat and drink.

All of this can be turned around if we lived in a world of solar energy. We would no longer need to blow up the tops of mountains to get to coal sources. The engines that depend on combustion of coal and oil would be able to run on clean power. We could help to stop the rate of melt of glaciers as well as the many disasters that are happening due to the rise in temperature of the earth.

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